This article explains how going through an application through Nook is way better than going directly to a bank.

Buying a house in the Philippines is a very tedious process. You must put in at least 20% down payment, prepare all the documents for submission, go to several different banks, and fill out different application forms... only to be informed a few months later that your home loan is not approved.

How can you make it easier?

  • In other countries like Australia, Canada and the US, mortgage brokers assist homebuyers in getting the best possible loan from major banks.

  • This practice is not widely used in the Philippines yet.

What does a Mortgage Broker do?

  • Mortgage brokers are financial experts who advises the client which bank they should apply to based on their income, age, and current financial standing.

  • Mortgage brokers provide an estimated computation of monthly payment to help clients in making decisions.

  • In the Philippines, Nook is the first mortgage brokerage firm accredited by banks. Our strong relationship with these banks allows us to secure the best interest rates for our clients.

  • Our job is to help our clients get the best offer from different banks, submit their documents, and get it approved.

  • Our clients just need to stay home, relax, and wait for a call.

So, if you want to get that home loan approved, talk to a Nook home loan consultant today. Here at Nook, we're making home loans simple.

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