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Home Loan Application Process
Home Loan Application Process
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This page helps you how to complete or continue editing your home loan application. Watch the video or go ahead and jump to links below to go through the steps directly.

Step 1 – Login or create a Nook account

From a Pre-Qualification result, click Apply Now for your preferred bank. You will be asked to Login or Sign Up. If you already have an account, Login to your account. If you don't have an account yet, click Sign Up.

If you need help, click the Get Help button to book a free consultation call.

Step 2 – Home loan application wizard


    ❗Note: These are bank required information. Provide correct details to avoid delays in your application.

    Complete the boxes with your personal information. If you indicated a Co-borrower or Married in your pre-qualification, also provide your Co-borrower or Spouse’s information.

    ➡️Click Next to continue.



    1. Phone number is optional, but important for further contact information.

    2. Mobile number is necessary.

    3. Email Address can’t be changed. This is generated from your user account.


    Address is auto filled. Please be careful in typing this to avoid misinformation. Indicate your Home Ownership and the Years of Residency.

    Present Address - Where you may be temporarily living at present (example: rental apartment or condo).
    Permanent Address - A house you owned and lived most of your life time. Tick the ‘Same as Present Address’ if Present and Permanent address are the same.
    Previous Address - Where you lived before, but not any more. If none, tick the Same as Present Address.

    ➡️Click Next to continue.


    If you need more time to finish the form, or your requirements are still incomplete, click Save for Later. Please note... you need to finish the page you are working on or go Back to the previously completed page to enable this function. If not, the system will ask you to complete the current page before you can click Save for Later.


    Change the Loan Term and Fixing Period if you need to adjust your monthly repayment based on your preference.

    Click Next ➡️to continue


    Fill in your Company Industry, Company Name, TIN, SSS, Office contact details, etc. If you have a co-borrower, also provide their employment details.

    ➡️Click Next to continue.


    Provide the details of your Dependent/s, if any. To add more dependents, click the +Add dependent link.

    Property Information is the Address, Contact Person and Contact Number of the property you are buying. Banks require this information to schedule the appraisal.

    If you are not living in the Philippines, you need to provide the details of your Loan Admin / Attorney-in-fact to be your representative.

    ➡️Click Next to proceed.

  6. REQUIRED INFORMATION (Document Upload Section)

    Click Choose File to select the document/s you need to upload. Finish the uploading, by clicking Upload. To delete a file, click the "X" mark. If you need to add more files, click the +add more documents link.

    Legal Documents: Valid / Government IDs, Marriage or Birth Certificate, etc.

    Income Documents: COE, Payslips, ITRs, Bank Statements, etc.

    Collateral Documents: Property Title, Tax Declaration, Contract to Sell, Map, etc. of the property you are buying.

    Click the Review button to preview your loan application. Check that all information are correct before submitting.

    And you're done! 🙂

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