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Other Information - Pre-Qualification Process Step
Other Information - Pre-Qualification Process Step
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Other information


Enter the birthdate of the primary borrower. This is typically you as the person completing the pre-qualification process.


For most people this will be Filipino. However, if you are a former Filipino and no longer have a Philippine passport, then your response should be Foreigner.
For Foreigners, an additional field will appear to ask whether you are married to a Filipino or have a local visa.

Do you own a credit card?

Here select the most relevant response.

  • Yes, active credit card: Means you currently have a credit card. Selecting this option will prompt you to enter the credit card limit. This is the maximum you can spend using the card.

  • No, but I used to own one: Means you do not currently have a credit card but you have owned one in the past. In this case, you will also be asked to enter the previous limit on the credit card you owned.

  • No, I never had one: Means you do not currently have a credit card and have never owned one in the past either.

Do you have any other loans?

This relates to auto loans, personal loans, home loans, etc. Any other loan that you are currently paying off.

If you do have other loans, the system will ask for the total monthly payments of all loans (add all monthly payment amounts together). It will also ask for the remaining balance that is left to be paid on all loans.


Answer Yes if you are legally married. Also answer Yes if you were married, have separated, but are still legally married. If you are currently legally married, the system will prompt you to enter the income of your spouse. This is because your spouse will be automatically classified as a co-borrower on the home loan.


A co-borrower is any relative that you would like to add to the home loan. Doing so will help boost your borrowing power as your combined monthly income will be greater. A co-borrower is optional if you already have sufficient income.

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