Click the Home Loans dropdown at Nook's Home Page

Click Get Pre-Qualified link

At the "Home Loan Pre-qualify" page, click Get Pre-Qualified Now


NOTE: Provide accurate information about the property, your work, personal background, and loan details. The banks will use these information to verify your eligibility.

Click the links below to go directly to a specific section:


Property Value - selling the price of the property.

Property Type / Property Status - Choose from the dropdown list.

Property Developer Name is required if you are buying from Real Estate Developers.

Click Next to continue.


Employment Type and Employment Tenure - choose from the dropdown list.

Type your gross monthly income (do not include comas).

Click Next to continue.


Birthdate: Choose the Month, Day, and Year from the dropdown list

Nationality: Select from dropdown list

Do you own a credit card?: If you choose "Yes, active credit card" or "No, but I used to have one"...

  1. provide the Credit Limit

  2. Click "Yes" or "No" if you have had a Credit Card cancelled

Do you have other loans?: If you click "Yes"... provide the following

  1. Total Monthly Payments of all Loans - add all the loans you are currently paying

  2. Total Remaining Balance of all Loans - amount that still needs to be paid

Do you have other income?: If you click "Yes"... provide the "Monthly Amount" that you are earning.

Married and/or Co-borrower: If you click "Yes"... provide the monthly income of your Spouse and/or Co-borrower.

Click Next to continue.


Loan Type - choose the correct purpose for your loan.

Loan Term - choose the number of years to pay that best suits you.

Loanable Amount (%) - adjust the scroller bar if you need to lower the amount you want to loan.

Loanable Amount - amount that you are eligible to.

Click Finish to see the list of banks that you qualified.

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