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Referral and Recruitment Program

Learn about the two ways to earn commission

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Two ways to earn as a Nook affiliate:

  1. Referral Link - referring people who may need a home loan.

  2. Recruitment Link - recruiting people who would like to promote Nook and become an affiliate.

Direct Referral (using your referral link):

  1. Share your unique link from the "Assets" tab so that people can use your link to apply for a home loan. Nook tracks this to ensure that you get the commission from your referral.

  2. When someone applies for a home loan, you will automatically qualify for a possible commission.

  3. When the home loan gets approved and released by the bank, we will pay you out on the first week of the succeeding month.

  4. The more you share your link, the higher chances of it being seen by your followers. The more it's seen, the higher your possible home loan referrals will be. The more home loan referrals you have, the higher your potential income will be.

  5. Here's a guide in posting on your social media accounts:

Click "Assets" from the dashboard. Here you will see your unique link and some images you can share. You can always use your own photo. These are just to help you further.

Once you've chosen an image, save that on your device and share it on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more).

Example using Facebook: Copy your unique referral link and paste it on Facebook.

Attach the photo that you've chosen and add a short caption to attract your followers.

Click "Post". From here, any click and conversion on your link will be tracked. Any home loan approval that comes from your link will automatically entitle you to a commission.

Recruiting Other Affiliates (using your recruitment link):

  • Allows you to earn indirect commission from the referrals of your recruited affiliates.

  • You will get a commission from every home loan application that gets approved and released through your recruits up to the fifth level.

  • Here's how it works:

On the Multilevel marketing tab there's a link to recruit affiliates. This account shows that the account owner (you) recruited Jose Dela Cruz.

Jose Dela Cruz then recruited an affiliate named Luzviminda, who is now the account owner's Level 3 recruit.

Luzviminda then recruited Filipina, who then becomes the account owner's Level 4 recruit.

Finally, Filipina recruited Aya, who is now the account owner's Level 5 recruit.

This means that all recruits and referrals from Jose Dela Cruz to Aya S are still connected to the account owner.

Here, you can see that Aya has a referral and as part of the account owner's levels, the account owner is entitled to 100 pesos commission.

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