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Getting Started: Easy Home Loan Guide
Getting Started: Easy Home Loan Guide

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Allow us to explain the home loan process in 6 simple steps!

#1 Talk to a Mortgage Broker

  • A mortgage broker like Nook matches you to the right home loan from a major bank based on your unique circumstances.

  • We work out whether you meet a bank's criteria and which banks you are qualified.

  • This step is often overlooked, making borrowers apply in the wrong banks. This makes them think that they won't get a home loan.

#2 Get Help with the Application

  • Can be a very time-consuming and confusing. Nook takes that stress away.

  • We work with you to prepare the application and present it to the bank. We guide you through the process. We are experts and do nothing but home loan applications every day.

  • Bank requirements depend on your specific circumstances, so we will ask you for what the bank specifically needs.

  • You can submit the requirements online. These requirements are necessary for the bank to work out how much risk is involved with the loan and whether the bank will approve it.

  • Nook would have already done a preliminary check on your eligibility in Step #1.

#3 Bank Evaluates the Application

  • The bank reviews the application to check if it meets their criteria.

  • Loan approval depends on a number of factors, such as your chosen bank and your unique situation/circumstances.

  • The responsiveness of your HR department may have a major impact on the approval time. Banks verify a borrower's employment status directly with their employers. If the HR team are not responsive, the application might be delayed. Always give your HR manager a heads up.

  • Appraisal will be done if buying a property from non-accredited developers or re-sale properties. Property appraiser visits the property to ensure that its value is more than the amount you are borrowing... valuations are always conservative.

#4 Bank Approves the Application

  • Once the bank is satisfied with the loan application, the property, and the credit assessments, they will issue a Notice of Approval (NOA).

  • NOA is a formal offer to you by the approving bank. It includes the terms of the proposed loan.

  • Depending on the evaluation, the loan offered could be lower. This is up to the bank's discretion.

#5 Post Approval Requirements and Document Signing

  • Final document requirements that your Nook home loan consultant will work on to complete the process.

  • People think that the process is done once the loan application is approved. There are a few more works to be done. That's why a mortgage broker like Nook is really helpful... it's totally free.

  • At this stage, you and any co-borrower/s sign the loan documents. This is normally done at your nearest branch. Some banks are starting to do this electronically.

#6 Loan Payout

Congratulations!πŸŽ‰ The loan is finally paid out by the bank and the process is now complete.

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