Nook gives you the convenience of selecting your most available schedule to get a free home loan consultation call with one of our mortgage experts so they can help you understand your housing loan options.

Step 1 – Go to the Nook website

Go to the Nook homepage and from the menu, click Home Loans then proceed to the Book a Consultation Call page.

Step 2 – Schedule your free home loan consultation call

From the top of the page, click the Book a call with an expert button or scroll down a little bit on the page to access Nook's home loan consultation call calendar.

Step 3 – Select a date and time

Select a convenient date and time for your home loan consultation call. Click confirm to proceed.

Enter you contact details from where we get in touch with you. Indicate your:

  • Full name.

  • Email. Active Email where the details of the call will be sent to, this is also where you can CANCEL or RESCHEDULE your consultation call if needed.

  • Mobile Phone. Your active contact number.

  • Preferred Communication Method. Overseas clients must indicate any VoIP based chat apps or those that can be used via Internet services eg. Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram. For local clients, a phone call would be the best option.

  • Note. You can provide any important details in here so our consultant can also prepare some accurate responses to your home loan queries to speed up your consultation call and proceed to your home loan application.

  • Send text messages to. The same active contact number for reminders on your upcoming scheduled home loan consultation call.

Click Schedule Event to confirm and save details.

Step 3 – Confirmation details

Once confirmed, you will receive an Email and SMS notification of your scheduled home loan consultation call.

You will also receive email and text message alerts prior to your assign Nook Home Loan Consultant calling at your scheduled time.

Note: Please bear in mind that our system will send you regular alerts / notifications of your scheduled consultation call to avoid missing the discussion. These reminders will be sent simultaneously to your Email and registered mobile number.

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