Affiliate Commission Structure

Find out what your earning potential may is as a Nook Affiliate

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Two ways to earn as a nook affiliate

  1. Refer people who would like to apply for a home loan.

    1. Automatically get 20% of the fee that we charge banks when a home loan gets approved and released.

    2. Example: Your referral got approved for a home loan, Nook will charge the bank a broker fee. So if Nook charges the bank Php 100,000 (before
      taxes) you get around Php 13,600 to Php 16,000 commission.

  2. Recruit people who would like to apply as an affiliate themselves.

    1. Earn a commission between 1% and 4%.

      Level 1 - This is your level if you recruit affiliates. You can grow your branch wider and get more potential commission.

      Level 2 - Affiliates you recruited become your Level 2 once they recruit their own affiliates.

      Level 3 - Affiliates that your Level 2 recruited become your Level 3 once they recruit their own affiliates.

      Level 4 - Affiliates that your Level 3 recruited become your Level 4 once they recruit their own affiliates.

      Level 5 - Affiliates that your Level 4 recruited become your Level 5 once they recruit their own affiliates.

    2. You can earn up to your Level 5 recruit. The more direct recruits you have, the higher your potential commission will be.

  3. Example:

  1. Your Level 5 has a referral that got their home loan approved. They will get the usual 20% commission.

  2. Going upwards, your Level 4 will get a 4% commission.

  3. Your Level 3 recruit will get a 3% commission from the same referral.

  4. Your Level 2 recruit will get a 2% commission.

  5. You as Level 1 will get a 1% commission

❗Note: direct home loan referral will get you 20% commission and the
indirect commission from recruiting affiliates ranges from one to four percent

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