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Getting Started: Home Loan and Financial Calculators
Getting Started: Home Loan and Financial Calculators

All the online calculators you need to manage your finances.

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Refinance Savings Calculator

How much will you save to switch your current home loan to another bank with a better rate?

Monthly Repayments Calculator

If you are wondering, "How much house can I afford?", then this simple calculator will help. Get an estimated monthly repayment amount for your home loan in minutes.

Debt to Income Calculator

The debt to income (DTI) ratio is simply the percentage of your monthly income that you can put towards debt. Banks like to see around 30%. How much is your DTI?

Savings and Investment Calculator

Is a financial calculator. It shows how compounding increases your savings interest over time.

Credit Card Repayment Calculator

It's important to pay off your credit card as quickly as possible to minimise the total debt you will pay. This calculator works out how fast you can repayment the amount.

Borrowing Power Calculator

With this Borrowing Power Calculator, you can estimate how much you can potentially lend from a major Philippine bank for your home loan

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