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Mortgage Broker vs. Direct to Bank Application
Mortgage Broker vs. Direct to Bank Application

Why is it better to get the help of a mortgage broker?

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Differences Between Using a Mortgage Broker vs. Direct to Bank Application

  • A Mortgage Broker accurately compares home loan products.

  • A Mortgage Broker like Nook use our technology to quickly match you to the banks you are qualified.

  • Direct to Bank Application (DBA) only lets you choose from that bank's home loan products. You need to complete their entire process to know if you match their home loan criteria.

  • In DBA, you may have the tendency to choose a wrong home loan product that does not suit your needs.

Is Using a Mortgage Broker Much Simpler than Going Directly to a Bank?

  • Yes, that's absolutely true!πŸ’―

  • At Nook, we do the whole home loan process for you, guide you through the process, and save you a lot of time and stress.

  • Home loans require a lot of paperwork, as well time talking to the banks. It is very time-consuming for a borrower to work directly with a bank.

  • Nook is much more convenient. You only talk to us... we do all the coordination and follow-up with the banks.

Does This Mean I Don't Have to Visit Multiple Banks and Get the Requirements From the Bank?

  • There is no need to visit a bank to do the time-consuming processes.

  • You only need to visit the bank when your home loan is approved and sign the loan documents.

  • We use technology to streamline the process. The borrower can stay home and talk to our home loan consultant without leaving.

  • You get text and Email alerts throughout the process... keep up to date and check your home loan status online 24 hours a day.

  • This works great in our current post-Covid situation. People don't want to leave home and prefers smarter ways to do things.

How Much Is This Going to Cost Our Home Loan Borrower?

  • Nook service is completely free for our clients.

  • It's the banks who pay us commissions to work with them.

  • That's the main reason why someone would use Nook rather than to do the whole process themselves.

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