Access Nook App from your mobile device to scan and send files to your Nook Home Loan Consultant or Loan Officer.

Step 1 From any File Request item, click Review to open the task.

Click Upload Files button.

Step 2 In the next window, click the "Add Files" button.

Then click the "Scan" icon.

Step 3 Hold the camera over the top of the document and click the shutter button.

Note: To scan more files, click the "+" button.

But if you're done, simply click the "Send" button at the upper right side.

Step 4 When adding another page, you'll notice at the bottom right "1 page". It means one page has been scanned.

After clicking the shutter, the newly scanned picture is now tagged as 2/2.

(Note: You can continue to add more pages by clicking the "+" blue button.)

Step 5 If you're not happy with the scan, click "Trash" icon to delete.

Step 6 Once done, click the "Send" button at the upper right side.

Step 7 Your scanned file is now uploaded in your "Files" tab.

You can also check from your conversation window if the file was successfully sent.

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