Potential Earnings

  • When we tested out this program, some of our highest earners get 6-digit commissions every month if they have a connection with real estate agents or developers.

  • Non real-estate players can close at around 15K to 40K per month if they consistently use their sources and post about Nook.

Follow these steps to increase your earnings!

  1. Keep posting about Nook's home loan program: This increases your direct commission through referrals, and you can continue to sharpen your skills in selling this service.

  2. Keep recruiting: It might not be a lot of income at first, but the more you recruit, the higher your possible income may be once they start referring clients getting a home loan.

  3. Set a target to yourself: You can see whether you're hitting or not, whether you need to increase your recruits or referrals and the like. When you see the recruits and referrals comin in, don't forget to monitor your potential income by clicking on "Conversions" in your affiliate dashboard.


Monitoring your income helps you assess whether you are on track to reaching your personal target. Earn cash, exciting rewards, prizes, and many more. Good luck!🎉

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