How to add/upload documents in the Nook app via:


  1. Open the conversation.

  2. Tap on ' + ' icon (next to the send message box) or the "Files" tab (at the top).

  3. Tap the "Files" folder icon at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Choose the file from either your phone's Gallery, Camera, Whiteboard, etc. to add into the conversation.

  5. Select the files to be uploaded. You can select multiple files for easier uploading. Click "Select" once done.


  1. Two (2) ways to add a file to a conversation.

    1. Go to your conversation > click the ' + ' icon at left of the text message box > Click "File".

    2. Click the "Files" icon at the top of the conversation > Click "Add" > Click "File".

  2. Choose the file(s) to upload into the conversation. If you're getting the files from your computer, drag and drop the documents from your file explorer into to the "Add File" box.

  3. Click "Add" once you're done choosing the files to be uploaded.

  4. Alternatively, the easiest way is to drag the file(s) from your desktop directly into the conversation.

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