May kakilala ka na ba sa Real Estate Market?

Connecting with a real estate agent, a broker or even developers can help you get access to more clients whom you can refer to Nook. While we are partnered with developers like AboitizLand, Pro•Friends, Calmarland Torre Lorenzo, etc., there are still a lot of untapped developers and agents in provincial areas that you may be more familiar with.

This is why we encourage you to reach out and recruit other affiliates who are in the real estate industry. You are widening your circle, thus increasing your potential income.

  • Start the conversation by always introducing yourself. State your name and mention that you are an affiliate of Nook

  • Present the benefits of having Nook process their home loan and see what they think about it.

  • If you need any help presenting, you can always reach out to us at

Hope this tip helps.😊 As always, good luck!🎉

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