Have you been sharing your link online but still no luck on referrals? That's okay. It doesn't always start is easy. But if you keep working on it, someone will surely notice. Additionally, we are always here to support you.

Eto ang mga tips na puwede mo'ng gamitin para mapansin ang mga posts mo.

On Facebook - share it at least twice a week. Don't ask them if they need a home loan. Instead, ask them if they have been dreaming of having their own home. People respond to dreams and goals. So paint them a good picture of what it's going to look like once they start living in their dream home.

On Instagram - keep it nice and pretty. Instagram users respond to aesthetically pleasing images.

On Twitter - post at least 3x a day and ride the trend. Use the hashtags, but never engage with negative content.

On TikTok - use the trending audio and use your voice. Explain the affiliate program and how they can earn from it. You can also dance a little bit.😎 If you want inspiration, you can always look at our TikTok page.

Finally, respond to comments and do it nicely. We can't wait to receive your referrals, so good luck! 🎉

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