Send Your Current Location to Your Nook Loan Officer (For Bank Branch Signing)
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This function is most useful once your loan is approved and you need to visit a bank branch for the loan document signing. The approving bank can send the loan documents to the branch nearest to the location you sent.

  1. Go to your conversation with your Nook Home Loan Consultant. > Click the "+" icon on the left side of the chat box.

  2. Locate the "Location" icon at the bottom panel by scrolling to the left.

  3. If you're prompted to allow Nook to access your device's location, click on your preferred option EXCEPT "Don't Allow".

  4. By default, the map will always show your "Current Location". If that's the correct place, click "Save".

  5. This will instantly send your location in your conversation.

  6. If you need to change your location, type the new site at the "search box" on top.

  7. This brings the pin to the new location. > Click "Save" at the upper right corner.

  8. Your location will be instantly sent in your conversation.

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