Now that you’re earning as a Nook Affiliate… how do you plan on spending it?

As part of the tribe, we only want the best for you! We want you to dine luxuriously, travel the world, and buy everything that you desire! With your earnings in Nook, that is definitely possible.

But one thing we encourage you to do is to SAVE for your own home! By doing that, you can show your friends and family the result of your hard work... and when you finally purchase your home, you might not need to recruit anymore! They will just come and ask you… how po?

  • How can they become like you

  • How can they purchase their own home

  • How can they be financially capable

Let’s help the Filipinos to earn money and be homeowners this year! Just keep recruiting and keep spreading the word about Nook’s Affiliate Program.

Let us know if you need any help at all!

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