As you progress as an affiliate, earning gets easier and easier if you are consistently sharing your referral and recruitment links. In anything you do, consistency is the key to achieve your goals.

Kaya naman share lang ng share at manood lang ng live video namin every Friday para mas matuto ka pa at mas malaman mo pa kung anu-ano ang pwede mong i-post.

For other tips to increase your potential income, here are five things to keep in mind.

  1. A strong foundation is what you need
    Para mas ma-market mo ng tama ang serbisyo ng Nook, you have to understand what we do. Our videos online and in our Help Center will help you.

  2. A strong team can support your goals
    If you really want to earn more, recruit people you can train. This is why we encourage affiliates to recruit people that they really trust.

  3. A strong urge to help other people is a good driving force
    To help people buy their home is why Nook came about. A lot of people around you dreams of buying their home. Think of them when you go out, or when you post about Nook... talk to them about our services. They are the people we want to help!

  4. A strong community will serve as your pillar
    Nook have created a community of affiliates who communicate with each other through our Facebook Group. That's your go-to place if you have questions or want to get tips.

  5. A strong goal is a good way to start
    Always set a goal for yourself... know the numbers to hit. It’s easier when you know the steps to take. If you want to hit PHP 100,000/month, outline how many clients you need, which location to look at, and how much commission you should get per approval.

Hope this helps in your affiliate journey! For all your questions, visit our Facebook Group or email us at

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