Depending which channel you're using, there are two way you can upload your picture in the Nook App.

Mobile Access

  1. From the "Main Dashboard", click your profile avatar icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. In your "Account" page, click on the section where your name and picture is.

  3. Click the blue "Edit" round button at the lower corner of the screen.

  4. Click the "Pencil" icon in the middle of your profile picture.

  5. Choose the folder from your mobile device where the picture will be coming from.

  6. Select your preferred picture from your album (Note: album location and layout differs depending on the mobile device you're using).

  7. Once you've selected your picture, adjust the size to fit the picture pane. ➡️ Long press on the picture till you see the adjustment guide. Slide either left-to-right or up-down on the adjustment guide to adjust the picture. ➡️ Click "Done" at the upper right corner after you've finished adjusting the picture.

  8. Click the "check" icon at the upper right corner of the screen to save your new picture.

  9. You will now see your new picture changed at your account page.

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