Share Files During a Meeting (mobile)
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  • Clients are allowed to share image files only.

  • Only one person at a time are allowed to share file/s. If the other person needs to share a file, the one who's currently sharing needs to stop sharing.

  1. In the meeting window, click the "File Upload" icon at the bottom right corner.

  2. Click the "Share File" from the pop-up menu.

  3. Choose "Gallery" as the source where the file is coming from.

  4. Choose whether you want to share a photo or a video.

  5. In your file browser, locate the file you want to share and click on it. It will immediately start sharing.

  6. Add more files for viewing by clicking the "File Upload" icon then "Add File".

  7. Browse the files you're sharing by sliding the screen sideways
    (left ⬅️ or ➡️right).

  8. If you shared a wrong file, remove it by clicking the "Trash Bin" icon.

  9. To confirm deleting the file, click "Delete" at the pop-up screen.

  10. To end the file sharing view, click the "Share File" again at the lower right corner. Click "Stop Sharing".

  11. To re-share files, click the "File Upload" icon at the bottom right corner then
    click "Previously Shared Files".

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