Looking for people to refer is easy when you know where to look. Depending where you are and what’s around you, the steps to take might be different.

For example, if you are an office worker, your fellow employees might be the best pool of clients. These people have a steady monthly income and can provide the first few documents needed.

Other than that, where else can you find good leads?

Schools and Universities

Teachers and professors have some of the most stable jobs. While most of them would opt to get their loan from the government, they are not aware that they might risk paying more in the long run. If you explain that bank loans are better than government home loans, you might be helping them to save more in the future.

OFW Groups and Forums

OFWs are the best group of people to help, not only because of their income, but also because they actually need it. Once they are older, they want to have their own house after years of hard work overseas. If you go into these groups and ask who needs a home loan, you may just have a bunch of inquiries in no time.

BPOs or Call Centers

If you are a call center worker, your fellow BPO heroes badly need our help. Call center agents are considered by banks to be high risk borrowers. With the notion that majority of call center agents are job hoppers, banks or creditors generally consider them to be more likely to default on their loan.

Construction Company Groups

Some construction companies don’t know that they can take on a lot of clients by letting a mortgage broker handle the loan process. If you can step in and let them know that this is an option for them, you can help them succeed, and help their clients get their dream home as well.

We hope this helped you funnel your focus on where you can start recruiting and finding clients. If you have other questions, do reach out to us and we’ll be here to assist. Good luck! 🎉😊

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