Isa ka ba sa mga naeexcite at kinakabahan tuwing naiisip mong bibilhin mo na ang iyong dream house? That is completely normal! A house is a big investment, kaya naman dapat, you should be wise in saving up. Pero kailangan ba talagang mayroon kang buong halaga bago mo mabili ang bahay na gusto mo?


Most sellers would only ask you to pay around 20% of the house’s value. The remaining 80% can be applied through a housing loan.

As an affiliate, you can ask your potential clients to consider getting their dream house through a home loan! This is actually considered to be a more savvy financial decision. Here are some reasons why:

▶️ Cashflow: by buying a property through a home loan, a person can use his or her cash to invest in other revenue-generating businesses or stocks!

▶️ Getting a home loan improves someone’s credit score. Good payers are almost always allowed to get another loan once their first loan has been fully paid for.

▶️ Home loan allows you to get access to your cash in case of emergencies and unforeseen instances when that money is needed.

So, as an affiliate, let your clients know that applying for a home loan is the best way to go!

I hope you learned a thing or two! Goodluck! 👋🏼🎉

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