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What are the requirements for a cash loan?
What are the requirements for a cash loan?

Knowing what to prepare is easier when you have Nook's Affiliates to help!

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Written by Tessa Arimado
Updated over a week ago

I know that you guys have heard the news that we are now offering PERSONAL LOANS!!

Maraming ayaw mag-apply ng loan from financial institutions dahil akala nila hindi sila qualified, pero sa tulong ng Nook, malalaman na nila agad kung alin sa aming mga partner banks ang makakapag bigay sa kanila ng loan.

As a Nook Affiliate, make sure to let them know that these are some of the basic requirements.

  • Must be 21 y/o and above

  • Must be a Filipino citizen with valid ID

  • Must have Proof of Income (pay slip or bank statements, BIR forms for business owners)

  • Landline (home or office)

Now make sure to let them know that with your help, kapag kailanngang nila ng extra cash, kayang-kaya na! At alam niyo naman, that once their Personal Loan gets approved, your commission will follow!

You got this, Tribe! Good luck!πŸŽ‰πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

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