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How to Pay the Bank Charges?
How to Pay the Bank Charges?

The payment of bank fees for a home loan can be paid a few ways.

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Bank charges are a one-time home loan charge that the bank levies on your home loan at the time of loan processing.

The computation of bank fees will vary but usually it is between 2.00% to 3.50% of the approved loan amount.

Typically, bank charges are to be paid at the time of loan signing or just prior to signing.

Bank Payment Channel

Via Over the Counter

Borrower can pay the bank charges in any branch OTC or they can pay it during the loan signing.

Auto Debit Arrangement

If the Borrower have an existing savings or current account to the bank, they can request to deduct it instead for convenience

Deduct from the Approved Loan

This is only applicable to those Borrower/s who have a higher approved loan amount.

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