Have you already created a video?

Here at Nook, we found out that Tiktok videos and Instagram reels are the best way to get both clients and new affiliates.

Because social media channels like Facebook and Instagram prioritize videos to show to their users, creating one and making it available to the public is an easy way to make Nook’s service well known and in return, your potential income, higher.

Here are some topics that you can cover when creating videos:

  1. Nook’s Service Fee
    What is that fee again?... ZERO. It costs the client nothing when they are assisted by Nook... so that is one of the first things that you should let your clients know.

  2. Nook’s Partner Banks
    Our lending panel includes RCBC, Maybank, Robinsons Bank, BPI, BDO, Unionbank, RCBC, Security Bank, and many others. These well-known financial institutions are definitely known to FIlipinos... so mentioning these might just be a good selling point.

  3. Nook’s Promo
    Nook runs many different promotions! For example, we provided a year-long mortgage repayment raffle in 2021. And in 2022, we have the Cashback promotion. With all these exciting raffles and prizes, they definitely will prefer going to Nook than directly to a bank.

  4. Nook’s Retail Partners
    Their home loan application comes with countless exciting vouchers and discounts from some of our retail partners... so make sure that they know about them!

We hope this helped you in your content planning! Good luck! 🎉😊

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