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Getting Started: Who are Nook?
Getting Started: Who are Nook?

Learn about Nook and what we do to make your life easier.

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This article explains how using a Mortgage Broker like Nook saves you the hassle of getting a home loan yourself and won't cost you single peso extra.

So what is a mortgage broker?

  • A mortgage broker is a company like Nook that has partnered with major banks.

  • We act as an intermediary between home loan borrowers and those banks .

  • We help you find the right home loan and work with the bank to get your loan approved.

  • We take the hard work out of the whole loan process and we do this for free... the bank pays Nook a commission for finding them qualified borrowers.

Mortgage Broker Worldwide

  • In western countries, mortgage brokering has been around for decades.

  • They are the largest sellers of home loan products for banks in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

  • 60% of all housing loans in Australia come from mortgage brokers. Two out of every three borrowers go to a mortgage broker to help them get a loan rather than going directly to a bank.

Why would you use a Mortgage Broker?

  • Nook will help you find the right home loan and save you thousands in repayments and years off the life of the loan.

  • It won't cost you anything and you don't need to travel to bank branches.

  • You only visit the bank when your loan is approved.

  • In a direct-to-bank loan application, you only choose one home loan product... there's no choice.

  • With Nook it's like visiting multiple banks at once. There's no need to fill out lots of loan application forms or wait to find out if you are qualified.

The decision to use Nook is obvious... it's the modern and convenient way to get a home loan. So if you are looking to get your home loan application started, book your Free Consultation Call today with any of Nook's Home Loan Consultant.

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